Rendering In Vectorworks 2011

Today I attended a webinar on the launch of Vectorworks 2011. Frankly, I don’t know much about Nemetschek or its products, which is something I think I need to change. So I won’t pretend that I do. But I will say this. As I watched the presenters show the new features in Vectorworks 2011, I couldn’t help but wonder how far ahead the MCAD industry is when it comes to 3D.

Anyways, one of the new features of Vectorworks 2011 is a new rendering engine powered by CINEMA 4D by Maxon which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Nemetschek group. Here are a few amazing renders I grabbed from the webinar. Click the images for larger views.

  • Dennis Nelson

    I complete agree with your comment about the AEC 3D software being far behind the MCAD industry. That is why I have turned to MCAD software to help fill in the gaps. Although I have a feeling that this is going to change quickly with more players getting in the game… Dassault Live building, RhinoBIM ect.

  • Kevin Quigley

    I agree as well, in general, but you have to bear in mind that a tool like VectorWorks is more focussed on building design and objects than say something like SolidWorks. For example in Vectorworks you have bespoke tools for creating 3D stairs, roofs, walls etc – all of which are linked to high quality 2D graphic representations (hybrid objects). yes I do use VectorWorks, and I do use SolidWorks. Both are based on Parasolid so going from one to the other is painless.

    AEC apps can learn a lot from MCAD apps in terms of modelling interfaces and tools, but MCAD apps can learn a lot from AEC apps in terms of integration with complex drawing sets and handling linked data and text, not to mention the sheer range and quality of a typical AEC app’s symbol library.