Scarborough Renaissance Festival

I am in Richardson, Texas, to pay a visit to Alibre. Today I went for a totally weird renaissance festival called Scarborough with a bunch of equally weird Alibre folks. This picture should give you a pretty good idea of exactly what transpired there. Click the image for a larger view.

The Alibre Knights

I had never been to a renaissance festival before. Very soon it became crystal clear to me why these festivals are plain and simple nuts. People are dressed and talk funny. Yelling insults to someone is the norm. Basically, you simply talk crap. Beer flows like water and food is everywhere. I fit right in.

Here are some pictures.

  • Alibres net worth just dropped by half. If you tell us the other half of the employees were at a Trek convention they will be out of buisness by morning…
    Mandatory testing of personality quirks is essential before hire at iCADsales. Live long and prosper my alibreated friends.

  • randallnewton

    My daughter and her family go to that festival sometimes. I wonder what percentage of the experience is accurate.

  • Careful. You are implying the SYCODE's net worth has been cut by half
    as well. I was at the festival also, remember. 😉

  • A temporary setback I am sure

    Thank you,


    Pardon the brevity, spelling and/or grammar. This was sent from my

  • I am not sure what part of the experience you are talking about. As far as I am concerned the part of the experience I was talking about is true 100% 😉

    I witnessed a freaking turtle race. We donned full battle armor and swung swords at each other. The aim was to burst balloons tied to our helmets and shoulders. Absolutely crazy. Loved it.

  • randallnewton

    I am referring to how much the Renaissance fair is or is not like life in the middle ages. I am sure the things that happened to you did not occur during the rages of a drunken nightmare. That will be the truth behind some of the Maieutic Parataxis sessions at COFES.

  • Ah! Yes, it was definitely very different. These people had iPhones, which I am pretty sure didn’t exist back then. 😉

  • Deelip,
    Your expression in the first pic is awesome 😛

  • Great pics, those are hilarious!

  • I can probably answer that with one single sentence Randall.

    “It wasn't until the 1700s that it was considered polite to move AWAY from the table to take a shit”.

    After that, it's all details.

  • Deelip – Maybe you should consider joining this organization. I used to see members swordfighting in front of the dining hall when I was in college.

  • Deelip you missed your calling – Hollywood/Bollywood needs you!!!

  • Martin Murphy

    A better question would be to ask how much the Renaissance Faire is like life during the Renaissance. If you want the Middle Ages, go to a Medieval Faire.

    I think Al Dean gave a good answer. 21st-century sensibilities have to take over. Issues of safety, hygiene, etc. Ren faires are not intended to be historic recreations. Their intention is to be an entertainment venue with a theme.