Siemens PLM Leads PLM Market In India

This press release from Siemens PLM announcing that the company has been awarded the 2010 Frost & Sullivan Award for Market Leadership in India peaked my interest for two reasons. Firstly because according to Frost & Sullivan Siemens PLM captured more market share than all its PLM competitors in India. And secondly because the name Solid Edge was not mentioned anywhere in the press release. Instead it was hidden in something called Velocity Series. Way to go Siemens PLM. Yes, that’s precisely the kind of branding neglect that Solid Edge needs.

In a post titled “Solid Edge And Velocity Series” that I published in July this year I wrote, “I am told that certain things have changed at Siemens and that I should expect to see Solid Edge to be featured more prominently”. Bullshit!

  • Dave Ault

    Thanks for the comment Deelip. It matters a lot more when you say it to the world. I posted a question about “Has anyone seen any SE ads” on the SE forums recently and very few replies. I don’t know why they, meaning Siemens , is so remarkably quiet about such great software but sadly it seems to be true. I HOPE that it is not their intent to limit publicity to bloggers but with the scarcity of ads I have to wonder. I can tell you that in talking with SE users this is a policy they have never understood. Criticism of awful marketing practices in the recent past brought promises of aggressive marketing and brand promotion but I am with you and I have yet to see it. I don’t know if the change of individuals over SE from Karsten to Grindstaff is a good one considering how the insipid ad campaign at it’s best is now even worse. Grindstaff is afterall old school UGS and thats where SE’s biggest smothering effect has come from. I am begining to wish that Karsten had been kept in that spot for another couple of years to get it really fixed before moving on,

    Good old “PLM” must mean Print Lotsa Money to upper management whereas SEwith ST3 does not for some reason. Here we have huge problems coming up for SW users and a grand opportunity to grow share for SE and they just sit there. CAD always comes first and if you don’t have a good cad program you really don’t need PLM either unless you just like accurately moving bad files around.

    Put their feet to the fire Deelip as they just need to remember that people like you and I think promises and words mean things. I certainly do not intend to be quite in this area any longer as it seems the only wheels that get greased in this area are squeaky ones.

    SHOW ME THE BEEF is how the old Wendy’s hambuger ad went and that’s kind of what I am thinking with this current sorry publicity effort.

    In many ways the relationship with SE users in the quality of software is as good as it has ever been with the plus of major new tools. They are reaching out to the user community in ways that have not been done for years if ever. There are a lot of huge positive changes in the last year in every way except, well, can I use the dirty words “aggressive publicity”.

    SE is good enough it will sell well on it’s own merits. It would sell three times as well if those sit on their hands corporate types would get on the ball. It seems they have the ability and the finances but no strong desire to do so at this time.

    • The reason I brought up the press release is because I know very well how much time PR people spend wording, rewording and massaging it to a point where it conveys the message that they want to convey to the public. A press releases gives me a good idea of how a company views themselves or their products.

      • Karsten Newbury

        Deelip, as usual, you say it like you see it and it’s one of the great values you bring to our industry. Honestly, I must say that this press release was really planned as an overall Siemens PLM release showing our overall market position in the Indian market. But you bring up a very valid point in that our new direction is to highlight the Solid Edge product vs. general Velocity. To that end the release absolutely should have mentioned Solid Edge. We have taken your feedback and talked to corporate PR who now have clear guidance to highlight Solid Edge in these types of releases.
        Some additional clarifications: The transition in management for Siemens PLM applies to the entire business. Helmuth Ludwig passed the torch as President of Siemens PLM Software to Chuck Grindstaff and so I now report to Chuck. Chuck has been very clear with me and the team that he supports our direction and continued investment in Solid Edge. In fact, he has been kind enough to give me some additional growth targets. 😉
        If you look at the last 9+ months, we have grown Solid Edge license revenue to the tune of +50% over previous year. I have spent a lot of time with our partners and customers around the world over the last few months. Feedback on ST3 in particular has been very positive and we are excited about the future.
        There remains lots to do… We value your input and are working hard to keep improving.


        • Excellent! I’m glad my bitching is not going to waste. 😉

  • Rick McWilliams

    I am tired of PLM. Maybe marketing will think of something more fashionable.

  • Nainar

    This is a pertinent problem with CAD products I suppose. The buyers or end users have no say. For that matter I don’t know why a SE user would want to stay with the product when the company is not keen on selling it.And if Siemens want to kill the product, it should not be just their prerogative. The other stake holders are the customers.And their views should be heard and addressed to as well.It really beats me, why Siemens want to give SW a free run.

    • “And if Siemens want to kill the product, it should not be just their prerogative.”

      That’s a pretty wild assumption, I’d say. Promoting a product in their own way is one thing. Saying that they want to “kill” it quite another.

      I’m sure the people at Siemens PLM have their reasons for doing what they are doing. Just that I don’t see the sense in it when Solid Edge is up against independently branded stuff like SolidWorks and Inventor.

      • Nainar

        A product if not developed,dies automatically. A company that shows no growth dies automatically. So, if they are not investing, then they wont promote.I do understand the problem SE has against SW and Inventor, but as a company focused on customers, what will they do to SE customers? Would it not be perceived that Siemens sells products when it suits them and then when the market changes, they dont face the challenge, but chose to leave the battlefield?How does it reflect on them as a company in which customers want to invest?

        • Siemens is investing heavily in Solid Edge development. The advances in Synchronous Technology speaks volumes of that fact. That’s why I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why they would want to hide it in come abstract thing called Velocity Series.

          • I suspect the reason “Velocity Series” was used is that its easier to say that then lay out all the products that are a part of it (Solid Edge, Femap, Teamcenter Express, CAM Express).

            While Solid Edge is the gorilla in that list, sometimes its still good to remind people we have a suite of products that work together, not just a CAD system.


            P.S. Nainar – As I think Deelip and Dave pointed out we are investing and have some good software – I think their issue is that we are not doing a better job getting the word out.