Solid Edge Design1 And Local Motors

I just got off a web meeting with the folks at Siemens PLM and an engineer from Local Motors regarding Solid Edge Design1, the dumbed down version of Solid Edge that Siemens PLM is making available to members of Local Motors at $20 a month. I usually don’t write about a software product without actually using it. Its been a few days now that I signed up for a trial of Design1 at the Local Motors web site. I am told that it will take another four days or so for then to approve my request.

I wanted to know the reason for having a stupid approval process for letting people try a dumbed down version of a professional grade CAD product. But nobody at Siemens PLM or Local Motors could give me a answer that satisfied me. They said something about being able to get “controlled feedback”. Well, if you are going to make a noise about something today then people want to take a look at it today, not a couple of weeks from now. People’s attention span is too small these days. And to add insult to injury people need to be approved before they can be given access to the software. In my opinion, this whole thing is a marketing blunder and Siemens PLM runs the risk of getting “zero feedback” instead of “controlled feedback”.

I was given a web demo of Design1, which is basically Solid Edge with quite a few things turned off. When you try and do something that is not available in Design1, you are are urged to contact a Solid Edge reseller or technical support (who I guess will tell you to contact a Solid Edge reseller).

With Design1 you can create only parts and assemblies. I found it weird that Siemens PLM decided to leave out 2D drafting, especially since they already give away Solid Edge Drafting for free. Common sense, anyone?

History based parametric modeling is another thing that you cannot do in Design1. When I asked why I was told that Siemens PLM is using Design1 to bridge the gap between free tools like SketchUp and the high end tools like Solid Edge and NX. I wondered aloud, “In that case people cannot really design cars with Design1“. They explained that the idea of Design1 was to give people the tools to start their automotive related designs. Hence the “1” in Design1. When they felt the need to do advanced automotive design then they would need to move to Solid Edge.

I asked instead of dumbing down Solid Edge to Design1 and charging $20 a month for it, why not let Local Motors members use the full featured Solid Edge Student Edition for Local Motors projects and charge them $20 a month for it. Apparently the person most qualified to answer that question, Karsten Newbury, wasn’t on the conference call.

Having said all of the above Design1 appears to have quite a decent amount of functionality. Here is a part that was quickly mocked up during the web meeting.

Click to enlarge

I intend to write more about Design1 if and when Siemens PLM gets around to approving my request. On second thoughts, maybe one of you should request me to write about it and then I could approve that request. 😉

  • Kevin Quigley

    Deelip take a look at ViaCad and what you get for under $100 in the USA….available in MacOSX and Windows….with drafting

    Know what I would rather use…

  • d3print

    Try to get Solid Edge Design and Drafting trial and tell what you can do with it and what not?!

  • d3print

    They sell D&D, but dont give you trial, right? 

  • R.Paul Waddington

    I think you have missed the point, of the software, Deelip by a long way.

  • Maciej

    According to leaving out 2D Darfting (Draft module) in SE Design1 – I’ve read somewhere on the Web, that it is becouse of no need from Local Motors Community to use such a thing. Anyway, like you said – it is no problem to download and install 2D Drafting for free.
    But in the other way… Sometimes Solid Edge users got sirious troubles, ‘cos after installation of 2D Drafting, they got no longer valid licence file for complete Solid Edge edition (becouse of using the same system files or something). I wonder, if it will be possible to install (just to try it) Design1 without any problems with Solid Edge ST4 already installed… Does anybody here knows something about it?
    Best regards

    • Ken

      Why would you want to try it out?  It works the same as the full version with some capabilities disabled, same with 2D Drafting as well.  It’s not different, just limited…

    • Siemens PLM gave me access to Design1. I had the student version installed on my computer. I had to uninstall it before installing Design1. I’m downloading the free 2D Drafting product to check if it will install alongside Design1. Will write about it when I find the time.

  • Fena değil 😉

  • Ken

    I think what you have missed is this:  Local Motors is offereing this solutions to their “contractors” to perform work on Local Motors designs.  Local Motors specified what functionality they wanted to provide their “contractors” at a pricepoint they could afford (essentially because they are unpaid contractors).  Siemens PLM is the vendor who has customized a solution for them based on Local Motors’ specifications.I imagine that this deal is in the spotlight because there is a boat load of Local Motors “contractors” and Local Motors has been “national newsworthy” recently, so it’s good press for Siemens PLM.

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