SolidWorks Service Pack Screw Up

Looks like someone at SolidWorks (or a bunch of them) screwed up big time. Yesterday SolidWorks issued a Customer Bulletin titled “Important notice for customers using PhotoWorks with 64-bit versions of SolidWorks 2009 SP5, 2010 SP1 or 2010 SP2“. If you are one such customer, I strongly suggest that you read it.

As it turns out, the 64 bit versions of SolidWorks 2009 SP5, 2010 SP1 and SP2 have been “recalled”. From the description of the problem this looks like something serious. According to the bulletin it is possible that “the SolidWorks installation, the operating system, program files and data files may become damaged or unrecoverable“. Pretty scary, I must say. Such a description would better suit a virus or malware.

Now for those of you who are already using one of these problem service packs, the solution is to wait for a hot fix or a point release update. Till then you can use PhotoWorks at your own risk. It may also be wise to create a Windows system restore point before you went any further.


Just read this off the SolidWorks Forums:

“I can tell you it is nothing you ever want to have happen to you.  In about 30 seconds, my entire Win7 user account including all documents (not just SW), programs, drivers, system settings, everything.  I had to rebuild everything from scratch, including reloading Win7 on a bare drive, restoring user files from backup.”r


SolidWorks has posted a hotfix. Detailed instructions and download links can be found here. Why do I get the feeling that this issue is going to talked about a lot SolidWorks World, which just around the corner.

  • What a PR disaster for SolidWorks, and just two weeks before SolidWorks World, too.

  • Steve

    I was thinking the same thing, the better fix this problem fast, and not blame the OS, just fix it!!!!

  • John

    A hotfix to adrress this issue is now available for SolidWorks 2009 SP5, 2010 SP1 and 2010 SP2.

    Contact your VAR, or go to the customer portal to download the hotfix (<10Mb).

  • So the answer to my question “Did uninstalling SolidWorks delete half my hard drive” (posted here:…) was “YES”. Thanks Deelip. Too bad I don't know if I can sue.