Statement From Adobe About Acrobat And 3D

I asked Adobe a couple of questions regarding their recent release of Acrobat and their move away from 3D. Brian Domingo from Edelman, their external PR agency, came back to me with this statement:

“Adobe will continue to provide core support on Acrobat 9 Pro Extended until 6/26/2013. Other key software components of Acrobat Pro Extended, including Adobe Presenter and video transcoding are now included in Adobe Acrobat X Suite. The reason being is that after a detailed assessment of the 3D business, Adobe determined that the best way to support the interests of our manufacturing customers and partners is to migrate the ongoing development, delivery and support of the 3D translator technologies to a company with focus, expertise, and well-developed sales channels within the PLM market. Enter Tech Soft 3D.”

  • Kevin Quigley

    Typical PR statement. I still think they missed a great opportunity to develop the definitive technical illustration toolset by building the translation technology straight into Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. I’m not sure how they think that axing a product many have bought into is in the best interests of anybody except Adobe – unless Techsoft3D are planning on releasing direct importer packages for Indesign, Illlustrator and Photoshop…..

    What Adobe seem to miss is the point that Acrobat Extended was bought primarily for its mixed CAD import facilities. Most CAD systems export the 3D PDF format now in one shape or another – or you can get very low cost add ons for this.

    Your average graphic design business or ad agency, or even the marketing department of a SME manufacturer is unlikely to be running that CAD system, so they need that direct CAD format import facility. Had that technology been developed fully into the above apps that would have been something Adobe’s core market could have exploited.