Testing The New WordPress iPad App

I just updated the WordPress app on my iPad and am writing this post using it. My main problem with this app was related to embedding images in posts. Let’s see if that has changed.

Excellent! I can now embed an image and continue to type under it. Previously all images were lumped at the bottom of the post and appeared only after the post was published. So after I embedded an image I used to publish the post as private and then continue typing. Then finally when I was done I used to switch to public and publish once again. I don’t need to do that anymore.

  • That is good to hear. I have avoided doing any long posts due to this limitation since the work to add it was not worth using the app. I updated but had not tried.

    • The WordPress app is improving. I am updating the iPhone app now. Due to these apps, I don’t need to carry my netbook around with me when I cover events and stuff. Typing on the iPhone gives me a headache pretty quickly. It’s ok for small stuff like tweeting. In fact its better because I can take a picture and tweet it immediately. On the iPad I need to transfer the pictures I take on my digital camera using an adapter. I’m still trying to find a better work flow for that.