The Creo Apps

In June 2011 PTC will release its first set of seven Creo apps. These will be new products based on the newly architected Pro/ENGINEER platform using PTC’s Granite modeling kernel and the Common Data Model (see “The Creo Product Strategy“). These should not be confused with the Creo Elements products which are merely renamed versions of existing PTC products. The seven new Creo Apps will be:

  1. Creo Schematics App: For creating Schematics in 2D.
  2. Creo Visualization App: For viewing interrogating and marking up data. This was shown at the Creo launch event as the “Design Manager’s” App.
  3. Creo 3D Technical Illustrations App: This app will provide capabilities to communicate complex service information concepts graphically in 3D (formerly referred to as the Arbortext “Project Galaxy” product).
  4. Creo Conceptual Engineering App: This app will provide a fresh approach to address the challenges of early on conceptual layout work being performed in 2D, but ultimately driving a 3D design. This app was demonstrated during the “AnyMode Modeling” demos at the Creo launch event.
  5. Creo Direct Modeling App: This app will provide the basic capabilities required for editing existing geometry and creating new geometry using a history-free, direct modeling approach. This app was also demonstrated during the “AnyMode Modeling” demos, and was the environment where all the Direct Modeling changes were made. It is important to note that this app is not CoCreate Modeling or Creo Elements/Direct.
  6. Creo Structural Simulation App: This is all of the Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica capabilities extracted from the CAD product, and delivered as a stand-alone app, in the spirit of providing different roles (the Analyst, in this case) just the capabilities that they need to get their job done.
  7. Creo Parametric Modeling App: This will contain the remainder of what people know as Pro/ENGINEER.

Note that the names above are for illustration purpose only. The actual product names will be different. And speaking of product names, I am not sure how to write them today. I see PTC literature with “Creo”, “Elements”, “Pro”, etc. with the first letter capitalized but all the product logos are in lower case. It seems to me that only the raster artwork is in lower case. Reminds me of what Autodesk did with their logo years ago.

Anyways, the above apps will be collectively called Creo 1.0. Later in October 2011, PTC will release Creo 2.0, which will be all of Creo 1.0 plus another Creo app for Configuration Modeling which will deliver the technology show in the “AnyBOM Assembly” demo at the Creo launch event. You may want to refer to this slide.

To know more about how CoCreate fits into all of this you may want to read “The Future Of CoCreate“.

  • Frustrated

    all these info was given at virtual even in october, i have not read anything new since then.

    • True. This is nothing new. There is still some confusion regarding Creo and how it is different from the Elements thing that PTC has currently going on. That’s why I decided to repeat it here.

      In my opinion, this whole “Elements” thing has given some people a wrong message of this whole Creo product strategy. I’m not sure whether having an intermediate “Elements” name change was really necessary. Especially since the final names are not yet determined or not yet made public by PTC. It’s quite easy for someone to come to the conclusion that Pro/ENGINEER has now become Creo Elements/Pro and that was the end of it all.

      • Neil

        OK I must admit I am thoroughly confused now…still I am not a PTC user so it doesnt matter very much…
        Its a bit like Abbot and Costello though isnt it? Who’s on first?…

        • Neil

  • lzprgmr

    I thought I got the idea, but after reading this post, I am totally confused~~~
    Original products (Pro/E, CoCreate…) -> Renamed to Creo Elements series -> Renamed to Creo 1.0 ( with 7 Apps)
    So Creo Elements is just an transitional name and is now outdated, and now we only have Creo 1.0 which has 7 Apps???

    • Yes, Creo Elements is the intermediate name with the idea being to get PTC customers used to the Creo name and giving them the feeling that they are on the path to something new called Creo. Personally, I am not sure I like that approach.

      However, while Creo Elements is an intermediate name and will be dropped after Creo 1.0 comes out in June 2011, that wont be the case with CoCreate products, which will continue having the Elements name till they get completely ported over the Creo. See

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