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This is a test post to try out the WordPress iPhone app. I’m going to write some text and insert an image from Photos.

Yesterday evening, while waiting for my last flight home to Goa at the Doha airport I found myself seated next to a man who was reading the most weird book I’ve ever seen. It was hand written and the text flowed from top to down. I asked him about it. He told me that the book was written in a Japanese language more than 2000 years old. He asked me to touch the pages which I did. I have never felt pages like that before. They had an oily feel but were not sticky or slimy. I asked him if I could take a picture, which he agreed.

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  • Cool. I’m going to give it a try right now. So I take it you liked it?

  • Funny that you discuss an iPad, apparently the saviour of books, of newspaper and the world apparently then write about a 2,000 year old book that’s still in use, after many generations. There’s some heavy irony there.

    I picked up one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever seen in a second hand book shop while a student. It’s Japanese, has a wealth of that wonderful script, wonderfully laid out and the illustrations of flowers are jaw droppingly well done. It used to sit in pride of place on my travelling bookshelf.. Just a nice thing to have, to open and look at when the mood took me. Of course, I had no idea what it was so I sent a few photos to a Japanese friend a few years ago.

    Yup. Brilliant.

    I’d been obsessing from time to time over a gardener’s seed and plant catalog from 1973.

    • I have yet to read a book on my iPad. Have you? I’m wondering what it will feel like. I usually read books sitting, sleeping and somewhere in between. They are light and easy to fold around and stuff. I guess that freedom will go with the iPad.

      • It may surprise you to know that I’ve not got an iPad. Honestly? I can’t see the point. I’m permanently attached to my MacBookPro, spend most of the day staring at a backlit screen. I read purely for enjoyment and relaxation and I wouldn’t get that with a digital device. Plus, it’s another thing I’m break in 20 seconds of owning it. Books have a life of their own, you can chuck them in a bag, use them to prop open doors or windows, stack your monitor on and you can lend or give them to people when you’re finished with them. Much like magazines (apart from the monitor business of course)..