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Things are moving fast in the Think3 case. There is now an official think3 blog at I know its official because a link to it can be found on the web site, which is now in control of the court appointed trustee of think3. The first post reads:

This Blog is open to all users, customers and partners of think3. We would like to have your questions, opinions, suggestions and we’ll try to respond to all of you. We will not moderate the posts. We trust in your politeness.

There are also a couple of  polls running with questions like “Are you happy your Think3 is back?” and “List your top problems“.

  • Rocky

    wow…..this is the best news I cud read midnite…:-).

  • Nainar

    This is fantastic!! With so many of experts of Think3 product being spread around the world, who believe in the product and passionate about it will come to the blog and provide support without any preconditions or WOW Contracts!! Way to Go Dr.Andrea and we wish you all success.

  • Rocky

    think3 Customers & Partners,
    I wanted to share with you a couple of updates as I continue my travels around Europe.
    I first wanted to thank all the customers who have expressed support for us and our efforts to ensure the think3 products thrive. Needless to say, the last couple of weeks have been confusing for all of us, and we really appreciate the understanding and patience you have all shown.
    I also wanted to comment on the latest development from the Italian administrator, who is now claiming that think3 is “back in business,” despite the fact that think3, Inc. is a U.S. company over which he has no global control.
    We have spoken to dozens of unhappy customers who have paid think3, collectively, millions in Euros for goods or services never delivered. Further, this newly reconstituted entity calling itself “think3” has no legal or practical ability to service, support, or develop the think3 products. The “caveat emptor” message that this bankrupt Italian branch has on their web site is indeed the right message – be careful and be sure you know who you are doing business with. When you are disappointed with the service from them, your only recourse will be to get in the long line of creditors seeking money from this entity.
    Meanwhile, Versata is agreeing to provide support for all customers, even those who have not paid Versata anything. More excitingly, in two weeks we will be releasing the 2011.4 version of ThinkDesign. This latest monthly release will have yet another batch of important improvements as we continue to accelerate the pace of progress. This release is being made available to all customers.
    Finally, I wanted to share with you a video we recently shot of a new Versata customer and their experience with the think3 products. It very much represents the spirit of what we’re trying to accomplish in our goal to achieve 100% customers success. You can see it HERE, or by clicking the image below.

  • Mugambo

    This is the web that he talked abt:

    I am sure Erik in the fear or at gun point of loosing control over the beatutiful think3 product, may be thats y he wud hav agreed to use the Versata name in his speach atleast once and continued to be a patron of think3 by speaking the think3 brand and about its technology a million times…

    Please note: the technology was created much before Versata was in picture, also plz read the success stories that think3 had with Mr. Buell earlier to Versata.Date backs: 2005.

    As he rightly said, Versata has released 4 version in last 6 months( truth is, they were already built by think3 and were in beta stages)
    They are good with licensing: Yes, they have spent all their time and efforts sitting outside Buell office to get this video done. they had 1 manager assigned to this account whose only work was to make sure he/she builds a repot. Finally my question, will all the customer get the same attention.

    We havent heard from versata customer support for last 2 months…most of the people we used to talk to are now not there….wats the ways forward Versata? Even you have messed up the customer care portal….

    But please read this too:
    Jan 25 2010:

    Feb 27 2008:

    August 25 2005:

  • Rocky

    Above mail is from Versata to all think3 customer:



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