Think3 Trustee Revives Customer Care Portal

Versata lost ownership to the domain name after an Italian judge decided that it rightfully belonged to the Think3 trustee. In a recent email conversation the trustee wrote to me:

“We are now restarting operations and recovering all the precious human resources that have been unwisely dispersed.”

Today I noticed that the Think3 customer care portal has been brought back online. This is an important development because Versata has been trying to convince the Think3 customer base about the goodness of its new WOW! Support program (see “The Future Of Think3“). By providing Think3 customers access to support using Think3 employees who used to provide it in the first place, the Think3 trustee and the Creditor’s Committee seem to be taking the Versata challenge head on.

  • Yesterday I asked for new license codes for a very old Think3 product (changed the old parallel hw dongle with a new USB one) and they arrived today, via the “new” customer care. To be noted that I’m not a think3 customer since 2001.

  • Pogo

    Hi all,
    Following is a news letter to all customers n partners from Austin:

    Dear think3 Customers and Partners,I would like to take an opportunity to share some important details about Versata with you. Many Customers and partners I have met with have questions about IP ownership and different entities related to Versata. It has become clear to me the need to share some details about who we are, and why I believe the future of Versata’s think3 products are bright under our leadership.Let me start with an apology. Versata is not a public-relations-focused company. We focus on developing great code, and obsessively measuring ourselves against customer success. To be completely transparent, we were not expecting to deal with the Italian trustee’s actions when the domain was commandeered. To add to the confusion, our own web site ( is not up to date, nor is it very informative. We are building a new web presence now, and as always we are in constant contact with our customers. That is why I have spent my first two weeks as General Manager in Europe meeting face-to-face with customers and partners.So who is Versata?Versata FZ-LLC is the Dubai-based international headquarters of our family of companies, which has operations all over the world. When we acquire assets like think3, we transfer the IP to our headquarters, which is a common practice for technology companies. I am the General Manager of Versata’s think3 Division.To give our customers and partners a sense of our rich history, Versata is part of a family of software companies, all with common ownership. The original company, the patriarch if you will, was Trilogy Inc., founded in 1989 as a traditional Silicon Valley startup by a group of Stanford undergraduates who dropped out of school to start the company. The company helped invent and pioneer the salesforce automation space with highly complex configuration software used by some of the biggest, most successful companies in the world to streamline high-end equipment sales. The software relied on complex algorithms that prevented mismatches between incompatible product parts for assemblies with as many as millions of parts and components. The company grew to several hundred million in revenue over the course of its first ten years.Sometime between now and then, the business model shifted to a focus on acquisition and revitalization. Over the last five years, we have acquired over 20 different software companies or, as in the case of think3, assets of software companies. Each of the acquired companies was in a state of severe financial distress. Our successful track record stabilizing and revitalizing these companies stems from our two key priorities:A relentless focus on the existing customer base and their successA global, outsourced operational model that we call “devFactory,” which enables us to develop products faster and more efficiently than the companies we are acquiring could ever hope toToday, the Versata family of software companies manages hundreds of millions of lines of code and has some of the largest global companies in the world as customers, including IBM, Microsoft, AT&T, and Ford.Stabilizing think3In the short time we have owned the IP, we have released three new versions of the software with the 2011.4 release scheduled for next week. In those releases, we have fixed over 300 known issues with the software, and we are well on our way to releasing an Enterprise version of our products with 64-bit capabilities. Our first priority is to stabilize the code, increase the speed by an order of magnitude, and improve usability. Once we have a strong foundation in terms of code, and a solid base of successful customers, we will turn our focus to advancing the kernel.Learn MoreI will update you on our progress in all these areas in my webinar on May 19th and throughout the summer. You can register for the English webinar here or the Italian webinar here.Warmest Regards,Austin SceeGeneral Manager, think3 DivisionVersata

  • Tototter

    Hi yesterday I had raised few questions on think3 CC portal. All were answered by them. The same way like it use to be. T3 was always famous for its support system.

    Good going T3 guys…thanks for comming back with this bang….

    Versata, you guys only gave me a ticket, never solved technical matters. I am happy as a customer that the powers are back in the hands of those who deserve… Trust me: t3 support is much much better thn yours…

  • Nainar

    A lot of news!!!–events/news/official-press-release#bLUsIO5tfTDfOCetzA4cBw – This is the press release. The website also has the court orders in English on why the technology licensing agreement with Versata has been cancelled that the agreed money is not paid as well as the money agreed upon is not in line. It is going to be good going for think3 and its customers.

  • Sid

    If Versata is HQ in Dubai why does the Versata website give an austin address? And there is no mention of Dubai or FZ LLC on your website!

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