Top 10 Posts Of 2010

One of my readers suggested that I do an end of year post listing the top ten posts for 2010. This is what Google Analytics tells me:

  1. What Exactly Is Creo? – Part 1
  2. A Long Conversation With Jeff Ray
  3. Alibre Design Vs SolidWorks
  4. Daimler To Replace CATIA With NX
  5. What Exactly Is Creo? – Part 3
  6. What Exactly Is Creo? – Part 2
  7. A Conversation With Carl Bass – Part 1
  8. What Exactly Is Creo? – Part 7
  9. Autodesk’s Plans For Inventor Fusion
  10. A Long Conversation With Bernard Charles

It appears that my interviews with senior executives are quite popular. That is nice to know because as one publisher recently told me, interviews are usually considered boring by readers and the least read pieces in a publication.

What is it that you wish to see at in 2011?