Travelog (Day 15) – Basic Maui Math

OK, here is some basic Maui math for those who are interested.

Wake Up + Coffee + Hot Tub (with Beer) + Lunch + Afternoon Siesta + Evening Drive + Wine + Dinner + Hot Tub (under the stars) + Sleep = Utter Bliss

Hot Tub (under the stars)

There is just one operand on the LHS of the equation that I need to fulfill in order to achieve the result of Utter Bliss on the RHS. And that is Sleep. Good night.

  • Deelip, Having settled into life 'Maui style' is it appropriate to ask have you been to the top of Maui yet and seen their very special plant and taken in what – or actually who – Maui is representative of and, 'dude' when are you going extract yourself from this punishing, self imposed, exile and return to reality – home; so we can all feel much less envious knowing your in harness, as are we, and we can return to in depth business discussions 😉

  • I believe we are heading to the mountains tomorrow. Today we went whale watching. Blog post coming.

    If this is “punishing, self-imposed exile”, I'd love to have more of it 😉