Travelog (Day 19) – Trucks

I have always been intrigued and amazed at the way Americans jack their trucks up using suspension lift kits. Every time I pass a lifted truck, my hand instinctively reaches down my pocket to fish out my camera and I start clicking away. Today, as Ron and I were driving around Maui, we noticed one such lifted truck parked. I asked Ron to pull over so that I could take a closer look. Here are some pictures. Click the images for larger views.

I am 6 feet tall and from the pictures above you can see that even I would need a step ladder to get into this thing. But there is something about these lifted trucks that I absolutely love. Not exactly sure what it is. Maybe I am wired up just as crazy as the people who own these things.

Maybe one day when I am tired of the way my Grand Vitara looks, I will buy a suspension kit and jack it up as well. The only problem is that I don’t think the cops in India will allow me to drive it. Back in India, people put wider tires, and that’s about it. I guess jacking up an SUV this high will only get it impounded.

I just love these crazy Americans.

  • Actually, Deelip. I'm waiting to see pictures of a yellow corvette on the streets of Goa. I'm pretty sure you'll have withdrawal symptoms and convince your wife that getting one shipped in from the States is a great idea.

  • That ain't gonna happen. No Corvette service station within 600 kms from Goa.

    Maybe it would be better idea to ship wife and kids to US than shipping a Corvette to India. 😉