What Happens To Deelip.com?

A big thank you to all my readers and followers on Twitter and Facebook for the wishes and compliments on the acquisition of SYCODE by 3D Systems. One particular tweet by Paul Munford gave me a chuckle.

Some of you have been wondering about the fate of this blog. The short answer is nothing will change. In fact, there is no long answer. Nothing will change. Period.

Deelip.com was never the mouthpiece of SYCODE and it will not be the mouth piece of 3D Systems. Although I will be the country head of 3D Systems in India I am going to continue doing what the subtitle of this blog says and “keep a close watch on the CAD software industry”. Now whether people start looking at me differently or not is their problem. I see blogging as a hobby and I am not going to give that up.

  • Ha Ha, I’m glad you took that comment in the spirit it was intended! Good luck with your new venture 😀

  • Really glad to hear that man. Without you we’d have noone but the brits to listen to. 🙂

  • Rachael

    Yeah, and don’t those Brits harp on!! (Glad you’ll still be around deelip.)

  • Sachin Nalawade

    Happy to know Deelip.com, most valuable resource to continue it’s work for CAD community…thanks

  • Way to go!!
    I believe people know you more because of your blog rather than the Sycode addins 🙂

  • Maciej

    Good to hear it! And congratulations. I’ve felt something “in the air” during our interview at SWW this year :). All the best!

  • Anonymous

    We all knew this answer Deelip, but thanks for your confirmation.

    Much would be lost if you had stopped ¡ It´s tough to select between 15 different CAD´s and not all chief engineers can afford those big annual CAD industry reports ¡¡¡

    rgds ¡

  • Smcafferty

    congrats to you