What’s New In Solid Edge ST3 – Part 5

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Solid Edge ST3 boasts of more than 4 times faster graphics performance. We were shown this video of a large assembly. I forget how many triangles are involved. Here is a video I took using my digital camera.

I will end this series with the following slide. Make of it what you will. πŸ˜‰

Disclosure: Siemens PLM paid for my flight and hotel accommodation in Pune.

  • Roger

    If the “bridge” is the integration of trad. and sync. then this is a major step forward – particularly if the implementation allows a seamless workflow.
    Ofcourse it may be something totoally different!

    None the less, I'm glad that Solid Edge doesn't see geometry creation as a “solved problem” and continues to focus on this core issue.

  • Jan

    ST3 will be joining Sync with Trad.

  • Roger

    Is this something you have seen demonstrated or just heard on the grapevine. I guess I am really wondering if the workflow is seamless of if some sort of “switching” is required.

  • Ken

    The only part of the “Bridge” that has been made public, is on the slide above. Aside from the slide, any other information about the topic is known to those who have signed Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and exposing any more details than what is on the slide is done so in breach of the NDA.

    Therefore I'm guessing that what Jan is saying is based on pure speculation at this point.

  • RickSTer

    Hey, I own shares in THAT bridge …

  • Ken

    I think there was a rumor it was specifically used in honor of some really old vetran Solid Edge user πŸ™‚

  • Ken,

    I am not bound by any NDA but decided to shut my trap anyways.

  • Ken

    Probably a good idea.

  • Drawing Sheet ROI

    All these parametric CAD’s have their design speeds relatively sorted ou. The sone I am interested in is the Drawing Sheet – the cut and determing factor of buying or leaving a parametric cad. Can it handle large assemblies with ease, is annotations, dimensioning, sectioning being done with an easy flow or is there excessive waiting times for everytime you want to do any type of command …and is there some decent 2D features available to enhance the appearance / clarify some point of ineterst better available. It is no USE whatsoever if you have all the design speed and does designing 10 x times faster but you lose out on the drawing sheets with losing all that time won and battling longer than AutoCad to finish up the drawing sheet which is the final roll off point in terms of production in any CAD. It means one thing only = ROI, well spend or was it a waste. Give us on EACH and every CAD you investigate a detailed report on this please. There afte we as readers can make a better evaluation of your commentary. Thank you