3D Graphics Performance Comparison – Part 5 (Alibre Design)

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Max Freeman of Alibre tells me that Alibre Design’s default graphics settings are probably the best. But he did something else. He sent me a beta of the next version of Alibre Design. He claims that they have improved the graphics performance for large models and wanted me to try it out, which I did. Here is a video.

I did find an improvement but not to the extent that I could put Alibre Design in the category of SpaceClaim and KeyCreator. Here is the original video of V12, the current version of Alibre Design.

This image shows the display quality with the default graphics settings.

Click image for larger view

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  • Mark_landsaat

    First of all I have to say that I'm really enjoying the graphics performance series that you are doing. But second. I think that Alibre's performance is outstanding. Especially given the fact that you can get this kind of performance starting at $99.-