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3D Printed Gas Regulator Key

3D Systems is a member of the consortium of technology partners supporting Tata Technologies’ upgradation of Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) in Tamil Nadu. A Figure 4 Standalone 3D printer has been installed at each ITI as part of the upgradation. Along with cutting-edge equipment, Tata Technologies has also deployed a train-the-trainer program where each technology partner takes on the responsibility of training Subject Matter Experts (SME) employed at the ITIs so that they can teach the courseware to ITI students.

During the 3D Systems training program, a couple of SMEs (Marathi Sankaralingam from Government ITI Pettai and Ramarajan L from Government ITI Kadayanallur) decided to put their newfound knowledge to use. A gas regulator key had gone missing which was impeding the usage of the Yashkawa industrial robotics system installed at the ITI.

So they designed a key by taking the necessary measurements and printed it using the Pro-BLK 10 material on the Figure 4 Standalone 3D printer. Pro-BLK 10 offers excellent strength and is used to 3D print end-use production parts.