3D Systems Is Hiring In Goa

This advertisement will appear in three local dailies in Goa tomorrow. Please forward the link to this blog post to whoever you think is bored of his or her job and wants to do something really interesting for a change. Something as interesting as 3D Printing. 😉

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  • Deelip,
    Way to go !!
    Why just Goa local papers ? You may atleast try to include it in Pune, Bangalore and Chennai news papers as well. As per my knowledge, majority of CAD developers in India are based out of these three cities.

    • Rakesh Rao

      That is true… herd instinct and everyone thinks they are successful only if they live in a software hotspot…but having lived in Bangalore past 10 years, I would any day work in a place like Goa. The cities in India are terrible.

      I think, Deelip, if your offer, environment and everything else is right, you should be able to attract the right talent to Goa (and reduce the unnecessary congestion in big cities).

  • This looks like a really interesting role, would they enroll foreign applicants?

  • JoeAggie

    Tsk, tsk, think think think..think3 folks

  • R. Paul Waddington

    Now we know why Deelip crossed over; tell me nobody else would want to work with this technology 😉


    p.s. “n12-3d” coincedence or what?

    • Nainar

      Wow!!Cant imagine this piece of work! BTW, how do they do the scanning?? Wont developing that technology be more fun??