Feature Level Collaboration With CATIA V5 And V6

Paul Mackin, CATIA Marketing leader of Dassault Systemes, left a comment on my blog post “Round Tripping Between CATIA V5 And V6 With Features” which had a video I took at DSCC 2011, letting me know that DS has posted a video on YouTube on the subject.

  • Jay

    DS is taking important steps to dominate the 3D CAD market of the future. They are leaps and bounds ahead in the Cloud strategy compared to other players. Interoperability between Catia V5 and V6 is important for current Catia customers. What is even more important for DS is that the new 3D InterOp CGM from Spatial would bring in external models and could possibly maintain the feature information. I believe currently none of the CAD translators do that.

    • Tomas Vargas

      CATIA  bring in external models and maintain the feature information ??     when the frog grows hair,  and the toad tail.

  • Really this is a new information for me. You have described very well. I like this article very much. Thanks for sharing.

  • Dogpig10

    how much does catia v6 costs?

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