Piston Cup Renders

In a previous article titled “Playing Around With KeyShot” I asked my readers if they would be interested in rendering my Piston Pup in their rendering software. This is the render I came up with KeyShot within two minutes of installing the software for the first time.

Marijn van den Heuvel from Holland sent me this render created in Blender, an open source software.

Click image for larger view

One of my readers posted my model in a German Cinema 4D forum. One of the members who goes by the screen name of “Rob” came up with a really nice render. I am taking the liberty of posting it here.

I don’t understand German, but I believe the software used was Maxwell Render. I really like choice of materials. The texture on the wooden base is applied beautifully.

Jeff McCartney from Luxion sent me this render done in KeyShot.

Click image for larger view

You will need to click the image to open it in full size to appreciate the realism.

I guess the saying that a horse is as good as its rider holds good for rendering as well. But I think if you give a rookie a really good horse and he knows just  enough to stay on top of it, that might be able to do the trick as well. My work doesn’t have much to do with rendering. But I think I’m going to take the time out to learn more about this skill. Because that is precisely what rendering is – a skill.

Update (09-Sep-2010)

Neil Larson from New Zealand sent me this render with the following note: “Done in Octane Renderer Beta2.3. This is entirely rendered on Nvidia GPU. I’m just learning with it so its a little rough and the materials are fairly basic.

Update (10-Sep-2010)

Christoph Pieper from Germany sent me this render. He did it using VRay for Cinema4D with a handmade studio setup in 6.15 minutes.

Click image for larger view

SolidWorks blogger Rob Rodriguez sent me this 10 minute render done in PhotoView 360.

Click image for larger view

This was sent by John Picinich from CADimensions, a SolidWorks reseller, using PhotoView 360 2011.

Click image for larger view

Update (11-Sep-2010)

Anssi Mustonen sent me this render created in Solid Edge ST with a note saying, “just tested the rendering option”

Click image for larger view

Cary O’Connor from IronCAD send me this render created in IRONCAD.

Click image for larger view

Update (6-Nov-2010)

Kyle from Taiwan sent me this render done in Autodesk Showcase

Click image for larger view

  • With KeyShot rendering is a skill in a photographic sense, not a a technical sense like traditional rendering applications. As our Director of Sales always says: “Just because I give a paint brush, it doesn’t make you an artist”.

  • Rob

    Pushbutton rendering software (Keyshot, Shot, PhotoView, etc) has done a lot to allow the average engineer or CAD user to create nice rendered images. However, if you want to take your rendered images to the next level (to infinity and beyond to quote Buzz Lightyear) you need to have knowledge, skill and experience as is true with most everything. A little talent and some artisitc ability also don’t hurt 😉

  • I always have the problem with mesh quality I can set the whole thing on smooth but that screws up the edges.
    I now have only smoothed some spots but more spots should be smoothed. This takes up more time that I as mechanical engineer would like to spend om a render. I know photoview does this a lot better but that is mostly because your rendering in native format.
    How do you guys solve this in other programs?

  • Kyle

    Dear sir,
    I also give it a shot with Autodesk Showcase.
    Where can I send you the image?