What is Dassault Systemes Live Buildings?

Today I got this email from a reader:

I have read with big interest your post about DS building live. I’m working in one of the leading building companies in Europe. We use for special buildings for modeling and estimating SolidWorks and like the work with it very much. The most AEC-CADs are based on old technology, are not real 3D and don’t support a real 3D-based building lifecycle management like CAD/CAE/PLM in the automotive or mechanical industry. Our goal is to get powerful 3D tools (not 2,5D!) on a high level to design high detailed in 3D (with building information) what we estimate, simulate and build in real, managed and organized on a PLM for construction industry. We are convinced that the technology of DS V6 could be a very big future in AEC and would help us to start the next step of the evolution in the construction industry.

The building live video looks really great and looks really easy to use. But can I do only simple geometry or can I do complex detailed geometry and generate drawings from it? What’s behind this technology? Is this a own product for AEC from DS or a partner product with Gehry Technologies Digital Project? Do you know if Siemens, PTC or others from the MCAD-market want to start in the AEC-market?

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So what exactly is this Live Building from Dassault Systemes? I have no idea apart from this video which shows something like SketchUp working on 3D solids. There is a community called “Buildings in Life” at 3ds.com which I tried to join a few days ago. I was asked to fill out a short questionnaire regarding what I hoped to get from the community and how I hoped to contribute to it and then never heard back from them. Maybe Dassault Systemes doesn’t want nosy people like me close to their new technology.

If any of you have answers to the questions that Alexander posed, please do leave a comment.

  • Dickinson

    The direct modeling is similar to the implementation in 3DVIA, TurboCAD and autodessys' Bonzai3D, plus the visual/physical clipping plane implementation that autodessys has built into Bonzai3D. Check out Bonzai's clipping plane feature video for a taste. I expect that ACIS is the common ground.

  • Hello Alexander,

    You are absolutely right that there is a need in the AEC community for some of the core technology that is commonplace in the MCAD world. Building is still a very different discipline to manufacturing though, and the best software applications for each are always going to have significant differences. However, traditional AEC applications are changing.

    Siemens PLM Components, the part of Siemens PLM Software that licenses component technology to third party developers, has been supporting the AEC software development community for some years now. Several AEC software suppliers have incorporated components like the Parasolid 3D geometric modeling kernel and D-Cubed 2D and 3D Dimensional Constraint Managers into their offerings. This is the same advanced technology that has been widely used in many MCAD applications since the early 90’s. There is a page on our website with more information about the use of these technologies in AEC:


    Mike Atkins
    Siemens PLM Software

  • Liveoutoudmedia

    Yeah it is great, i’ve been modeling buildings in Solidworks for 6 years. Everything from High Schools and Warehouses, to residential homes and landscape features… typically for higher end rendering i export the models to a 3rd party. That all depends on if i can find the right textures. using configurations is a key element to this whole concept.. saves modeling time.