Why Is Inventor LT Not Available WorldWide?

In my recent interview with Kevin Schneider of Autodesk, I asked him why Inventor LT was available in select countries only. I come from one such country where Inventor LT is not available. Kevin passed the buck on to Clay Helm, Senior Public Relations Manager at Autodesk who promised to get me an answer to that question. Today I received an email from Clay quoting Peter Vinh, the Inventor LT Product Manager:

“Since the AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite debuted commercially last year, we have chosen a phased approach to availability due to varying market dynamics and distribution channel options in different countries. In its first quarter of availability, we sold the AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  Over the last quarter, we expanded availability to include China, France, Italy, Japan, and the UK. We continue to evaluate additional geographies that could benefit from starting on a scalable path to Digital Prototyping with Inventor LT.”

The phrase “varying market dynamics and distribution channel options” sounds like neatly crafted crap to me. I badly need someone to explain to me how the Autodesk resellers in the countries left out are perfectly equipped to sell and support Inventor but not Inventor LT, which is basically a subset of Inventor. By “varying market dynamics” is Autodesk implying that customers in a country like India will find Inventor useful but not Inventor LT and hence they should not have it? What kind of crazy logic is that?

If I stretch my imagination to its limit I may be able to find a reason for Autodesk to restrict a more powerful software like Inventor to certain countries and offer an entry level software like Inventor LT to everyone, especially third world countries. But this is the other way around.

If any of you think this is not neatly crafted crap, do leave a comment to enlighten me.

  • It's what marketing people say when there is no reason. It is code for “because we felt like it.”

  • Why sell a product that people would use and could afford when you can force them to spend a lot more money and have “room to grow”. Besides that in the countries that they seem to sell the “LT” version there seem to be other low cost alternatives or they are trying to “gain a foothold for later upgrades”. But then Ralph's reason generally makes as much sense as anything.

  • What I had heard from one of the Autodesk Reseallers in India (Bangalore) is that only Autodesk Inventor Professional is sold in India and its cost in Indian Rupees is probably same as that of Autodesk Inventor Suite in USD in other countries. I am not sure though.

    If the above is true, they will have to reduce the cost of Inventor LT further more and in that case, most of the people would buy LT rather than Professional version.

    By the way, since I do not have access to Inventor LT (just because I share my motherland with Deelip), could anyone enlighten on the API of Inventor LT. Can we build addins on top of it ?

    Rajeev Lochan

  • Rajeev,

    Just like AutoCAD LT, you are not cannot/should not write add-ins for Inventor LT.

    The explanation offered by the reseller you spoke to seems to be a little weird.

  • Reseller did say so. Are you aware of any Inventor Suite users in India. I had met some and all of them were having Inventor Professional version.

  • No, I am not.