Windows XP Still Rules

Autodesk’s data from their Customer Involvement Program (CIP) gives a pretty good idea of how many people (at least in the CAD industry) still use Windows XP. Take a look at this pie chart.

I am still using Windows XP Home on my netbook, although I have moved to Windows 7 on my work computer.

  • Hard to kick XP out of corporate systems! Perhaps more interesting is how close 7 is to Vista after how long?

  • Name

    Yeah, Vista was a flop!

  • Most places that I talk to are still on XP as well, however it it interesting how many IT departments are positive on the movement to Windows 7. For those of us that are early adopters, Vista was a bit rough in SP0 but since SP1 it was actually a pretty stable OS. Windows 7 is definitely what Vista should have been. Have a hard time using XP since the search function is not there for launching apps!

  • kellings

    I don't think that Vista was as big of a flop as it was a perceived flop. And in the end, what people perceive usually becomes the truth. I agree that Vista did get better with time. Vista had so many changes under the hood that people never really saw. All most users saw was “eye candy”. Without those changes, Windows 7 couldn't have been what it is now. I personally don't think the difference between Vista and 7 is as great as we are led to believe, but that is back to that perception thing again. It is without question better than Vista.

  • sunithbabu

    Hi Deelip, you never mentioned about the use of System Ram, Video Ram and System Resolution . . .

    I have these info too at my Blog published on my blog on 25th March 2010,

    FYI, Win Xp dropped by 0.86% in the last 18 days

  • Sunith,

    Yeah, the OS was all that interested me.

  • We will be going to Windows 7 x64 in our engineering dept with the purchase of new workstations before the end of the year. Only reason it hasn't been sooner is our domain controller runs an older version of Windows Server software which Windows Vista and Windows 7 could not authenticate with for access into our domain. That issue will go away when the new servers are installed with Windows Server 2008 over the next couple of months.

  • Dave Barry

    we have downgraded our systems to XP. Vista/7 is pure networking hell.

    • dave

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  • luka

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  • Intocad

    We are running Windows 7 (64 bit) with AutoCAD MEP 2011 (64 bit) and are seeing terrible performance in the areas of drawing load times etc. Also see a lot of permission errors, such as file not open for write, check permissions….etc.