AutoCAD 2007 for $130 only!!

This morning as I was sifting through my usual share of spam, one particular email caught my attention. I followed the link in the email and reached a “company” offering AutoCAD 2007 for $130 ($129.95 to be precise). Nothing new. What amused me was what they said about themselves on their about page.

Who Are We?
[CompanyName] is a rapidly growing company providing high quality software. You’ve come to the right place if you need professionally implemented programming solutions for your usage. Thousands of satisfied customers have already benefited from our products and solutions. Hundreds are joining this community every day.

Our Mission
To deliver superior software products and services that empower our partners and customers to dramatically improve their development, deployment, integration and management of quality applications worldwide.

Our Team
We employ only the best professionals. Our development team has collected great analysts and programmers each having degrees in areas of responsibility as well as 3 to 10 years of professional experience. We are happy to embody our inventive ideas into optimal solutions for our customers using the most relevant information technologies.

Why choose [CompanyName]?
Everything is simple here:
1. We provide high quality solutions
2. We do the job on time
3. We fit within your budget

To add insult to injury the email came from cbowers (at) jesuschristpage (dot) com. The pirates couldn’t have hijacked a better domain for their email bombardment compaign. I visited jesuschristpage.com. As I read these words from the home page the irony of it all came to light and I found myself smiling.

Jesus Christ Loves Us… Although He never committed a sin, He did associate with sinners while He was here in the flesh. Today Jesus is still reaching out to imperfect people, because He loves us too much to leave us hopeless.

Compliments of the season to one and all.