Bricsys 2010 Conference

Today I got a reminder email from Bricsys about their second annual conference to be held in Bruges, one of the most beautiful historic cities of Europe, on June 8th and 9th. The email has a list of items that attendees can expect and one of them reads:

Keynote presentation by Deelip Menezes, CAD guru and famous blogger

I have been asked to speak on the “Future of CAD”. So I must not forget to take my crystal ball with me before leaving for Belgium. The other items on the list are:

  • Status update on Bricscad and its API’s
  • Bricscad and the LINUX world
  • ODA presentation by Arnold van der Weide, President of the ODA
  • Bricsys Partner ECOsystem boosts actively your business and services
  • Bricsys and cloud computing
  • Testimonials by world leading Corporate Bricscad users and application developers
  • Parties and Rock&Roll

You can get more information about the Bricsys 2010 Conference here.