DWG Import for Inventor

Over these past few years my company, SYCODE, has earned the reputation of being a company that specializes in developing file import and export plug-ins for CAD systems. After all 91 of our 107 products are file import or export plug-ins. We get all sorts of requests from people all shapes and sizes wanting to get a particular file format in or out of their CAD system. Whenever possible, we fulfill these requests and then “productize” the feature so that we may help other users in the future.

Today we got a very interesting request – a plug-in for Inventor to import AutoCAD DWG files. I never thought I would see this day. After all the noise that Autodesk has been making about increased interoperability between their products, there are still some unhappy customers. This particular customer is not happy with the way Inventor treats his DWG data and wants us to solve his problem. Well, SYCODE became an Autodesk partner for exactly that reason – to solve customer’s problems.

If we are able to solve this customer’s problem you may very well find a “DWG Import for Inventor” on our products page. It almost sounds like an oxymoron.