ODA World Conference – DWG 2010

Neil Peterson, CTO of ODA, updated us on the progress of reverse engineering the AutoCAD 2010 DWG file format. “We can read DWG 2010 files“, Neil said, and he created a simple drawing of the ODA logo in AutoCAD 2010 and saved it to DWG 2010. He then opened the file in OdaMfcApp, the ODA’s test application and it showed up just fine.

We are in good shape with DWG 2010“, Neil said. “We intend to release this in two stages. The first stage will allow read and write of DWG 2010 files. In the next release we will add features that take care of the new stuff on DWG 2010. We intend to release a 2010 version of DWGdirect in late 2009“.