News Is Live

Randall Newton has gone live with, a web site that offers news and analysis for the Technical Graphics industry. There is some pretty interesting content already. If you aren’t a subscriber of his VEKTORRUM Engineering Report, I suggest you read the article titled “Coming Soon to SolidWorks: ENOVIA and CATIA“, wherein he writes about the closer integration between the technologies of Dassault Systemes and SolidWorks. He writes:

“SolidWorks PLM will use cloud technology to create secure workspaces from which all data is shared. One of the toughest aspects of selling this technology to existing users won’t be the specific features or benefits, but the cultural hesitation of using cloud technology for engineering.”

This is related to something that I have been writing about for past couple of days.

For those who are interested in the business issues surrounding the CAD/PLM industry there is  a special section on Quarterly Reports and industry opinions from Cambashi. There is also a special section dedicated to Hardware.