Alibre Launches AlibrePowered

Alibre is one CAD vendor that hasn’t embraced social media to the extent that some other CAD vendors have. The last post on the company’s blog is dated March 11, 2010. That’s five months ago. CEO Paul Grayson is on Twitter. As it turns out, today just happens to be the first anniversary of his last tweet.

I spent a few days at the Alibre headquarters this April and got to know the people there a whole lot better. They are young, energetic and all fired up. That’s why, given the age of the people there, I found it odd that the company was not making use of social media to its fullest. I discussed this at length with a few people there and they said that they would do something about it.

Looks like someone has finally woken up at Alibre. Yesterday Alibre launched a social network called AlibrePowered, a place where users can meet up, ask for help, show off their work, post classifieds, etc.

I just joined the network and added a classified listing for SYCODE. If you have anything to do with Alibre Design, you may want to take a look around. I hope this leads to other things as far as social media is concerned for Alibre.

  • Ralphgrabowski

    They did get a new pr firm earlier in the year, so this avoid-social-media stance may be the result. I'd've expected the pr people to be writing the blog entires and tweeting the Twitter blasts.

  • Deelip, you can track back and get a bit more information that I wrote yesterday at

    Also, a slight correction. Alibre Powered was not launched yesterday (8/11) as you mention. It launched 8/4 and announced 8/5.

  • It will be interesting to see if this we-reinvented-Facebook approach will work. It's obviously PR-convenient if it does, because it provides a company with pretty much total control over everything.

    Can a real community emerge and thrive under such control? Dunno. I don't see much evidence of community at AutoCAD Exchange yet. OK, so we signed up, made “Contacts”, and then… what?

  • Max Freeman

    We don't want “total control”. And we didn't try to re-invent Facebook. This is a place for our users to show off. We're not approaching this from the standpoint that it's extremely functional and will fundamentally connect people to 3492 friends with whom they can share CAD stories over tea. It's a pure appeal to the fact that people like to post the awesome designs they've made and hear what people think.

    Because of that approach, and based on the signup trajectory, it looks like the community is emerging quite nicely 🙂

  • Max, and I thought all that I spoke to you guys about social media was dissolved in the alcohol that we were drinking. 😉

  • Max Freeman

    I don't know what you are talking about Deelip – I've never had an alcoholic beverage in my life. 😉