Adobe And Tech Soft 3D

In Part 9 of my 3D Graphics comparison series on Adobe Acrobat I wrote:

Gavin Bridgeman from Tech Soft 3D, the company that handles Adobe’s 3D side of business, advised me to import the STEP file into Acrobat using the preset 3D conversion setting called “Large File”

Ron Fritz, CEO of Tech Soft 3D, sent me an email with this clarification:

For the record, in case it wasn’t clear, Tech Soft has nothing at all to do with the 3D graphics in Acrobat’s product. We will be supplying, in future versions, the CAD import capability, as well as the PRC/U3D read/write code, but we’re not working on the display. That is internal to Adobe.

Come to think of it, I think I may have been a bit too general when stating that Tech Soft 3D was now handling the 3D side of Adobe’s business. As Ron clarified, his company is simply taking over the 3D data exchange part of Adobe’s business. Thought I’d mention it here.