CAD Vendor Changing Direction

I just got wind of an announcement that a CAD vendor is going to make sometime next week. The news is like a breath of fresh air coming from a part of the CAD software industry that has largely been stagnating for quite a while now. Its about a company that has decided to take charge of its own destiny and has dared to do something different. From what I know and can see, the company seems to be hell bent on changing its image as well as direction in a way that translates to some real value addition to its customers.

I hope to elaborate more when I can. 😉

  • Care to give us a hint on which company? Dassault? Siemens? Autodesk? none of those 3??? 😀

  • Anonymous

    20 bucks on Bricsys.

    • Lazar

      direct modeling in v12

      • Anonymous

        Should be AEC. “Stagnating” means AEC. Always.

      • Anonymous

        Hmmm. Should be AEC? “Stagnating” always means AEC.

      • Anonymous

        It’s the Ledas engine built into V12. Don’t see any surprise here.

        • Danny

          Aren’t you violating some sort of agreement by posting
          this? hmmm

          • Anonymous


          • If you can type BricSys Release notes into Google and its the first page that comes up, I don’t think anyone would think that’s breaking any sort of agreement

  • d3print

    Alibre perhaps?

  • Guest

    I am guessing SpaceClaim

  • Is this CAD winder is changed now?

  • Insider

    Autodesk in first week of November ?