Storing CAD Databases In The Cloud

A while ago Microsoft contacted me asking whether I would be interested in writing a guest article for their TechNet blog on Enterprise Applications running on Microsoft SQL Server. At first I was reluctant since I am basically a CAD guy with not much experience with enterprise applications. But after some thought I agreed to contribute something related to CAD. Today my guest article titled “Storing CAD Databases in the Cloud” was published on the Microsoft TechNet blog. And just so that you know, I had nothing to do with being referred to as a “PLM industry analyst and CAD expert“. 😉

Actually I got a kick out of writing this article, for a very different reason. You see, Microsoft paid me for writing this article. All my life I have been sending money Microsoft’s way. It felt really good to get back some from them. 😉

And for those of you wondering why it has been a bit quiet on this blog lately, please be advised that I am “extremely busy” in Hawaii. To know exactly how busy I am you can visit my personal blog at DeelipMenezes.com.