• Anonymous

    Nice view. I see only one helipad in the photo. There must be another above your perch. I have a thing about helipads. Do they have a restaruant with the view?

    • These pictures were from the observation deck which has a sky walk as well. There is no helipad above this. This is the tallest building in Shanghai.

      A few levels lower they have a restaurant with the view of the first image above. I had dinner there. It was lovely.

  • Nice one…

  • Caleb Funk

    That is a lot of power being consumed.

  • Shyamalroy

    Deelip it would be real nice to get your candid views on infrastucture in China vs India.

    • Let me put it this way. If even one city in India was half as good as Shanghai, I would be happy. I wonder if other Chinese cities are like Shanghai.

  • cheng zhang

    Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou,Dalian,Qingdao. you can name it. But chinese are not good at english as indian.

    • Guest

      your next comment backed this one… just kidding:)

  • cheng zhang

    BTW, I works in the Finacial zone of shanghai(PTC shanghai office), just near the pearl tower. next time, I will buy you a dinner if you visit Shanghai.

  • Tomas Vargas

    China is flying high ยก