Inventor 2012 – HD Sexy CAD

In Inventor 2011, Autodesk added some fancy visual styles (see “Visual Styles In Inventor 2011“). In Inventor 2012, they have added ray tracing directly in the graphics window itself, which is made available during regular modeling. Watch this video I took during one of Rob Cohee’s demos. Rob now refers to Inventor 2012 as HD Sexy CAD. 😉

Click the maximize button (bottom right) to view the video in HD.

  • Neil

    Well there’s an idea I suggested to SW a while ago that someone else picked up on and did first. DS are getting their development ass whipped these days. Too distracted by cloud pursuits and other windmills of the mind….

  • Rick

    PhotoView 360 does the same thing in SW2011. also models look much sexier in SW. better for autodesk to put some serious effort on the stability of their software. it’s a crashing monster.

    • Ken

      That’s what an engineer has stated at one of our division that is using Inventor. It crashes constantly.

    • Rgods

      Yea right. Inventor blows the doors off of solid works.

  • Catia V6 has progressive rendering in the viewport using Iray from Mental Images…

  • Tben

    I use Catia V5 everyday at work but I use Inventor at home. I love Inventor and it has never crashed on me…..ever! Catia V5 crashes at least once a day. Thats too much if you are a design engineer.

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  • Mikeb2411

    Inventor SMOKES SolidWorks and SolidWorks crashes WAY more than Inventor does! If you’re using an old version of Inventor then SolidWorks is the better choice. The new release of Inventor is much better that the new release of SolidWorks.

  • The first time I tried Catia V5 it crashed and seems to do so on a regualar basis, have given up with it now 🙁

  • What a interesting invent!