Inventor 2012 iLogic Form Designer

In Inventor 2012 Autodesk has enhanced iLogic to make it more accessible and useful to a wider cross section of its customer base. For those who don’t know what iLogic is I recommend you read something I wrote a year ago as part of my series on Inventor 2011. See “Autodesk Inventor 2011 (Part 2) – iLogic“. iLogic bridges the gap between parametric modeling and knowledge based engineering. Basically you encode your business and engineering logic right into your parametric models thereby making them far more intelligent and highly configurable.

iLogic is a very powerful tool and can be picked up by CAD users who have absolutely no programming knowledge whatsoever. However to make use of the advanced features of iLogic someone with a programming background would be required. By introducing the iLogic Form Designer in Inventor 2012, Autodesk has taken a step closer to unleashing the advanced features of iLogic to CAD users without a programming background.

Here is a video that I recorded during one of the demos given by Rob Cohee that explains what I am talking about. Notice how the form gets cooked up automatically as Rob drags and drops things around in the Form Designer.

Click the maximize button (bottom right) to view the video in HD.