News Alert – 20% Discount on Alibre Design Professional and Expert

Till the end of this month Alibre is offering a 20% discount on the Professional and Expert versions of Alibre Design. You can now get Professional for $479 and Expert for $959. I guess Standard is still at $197.

They have also spruced up their web site and added a few videos like this introduction to part modeling video, which should be a good place for someone new to Alibre Design.

  • William Pelletier

    It might be worthwhile to note that these prices reflect discounts off of NEW Alibre list prices, which have just increased. In a letter that Paul Grayson sent to all Alibre customers on February 1st of this year, he stated the prices of the Alibre software and maintenance as follows: Standard, $97 for the software, $97 for annual maintenance; Professional, $497 for the software, $147 for the maintenance; Expert, $997 for the software, $197 for maintenance. The new annual maintenance costs for the software are now $199 for Professional, and $299 for Expert. This has caused some discomfort for some of us Alibre users, which you can read on the Alibre forum here:

    Most of us are not terribly concerned about the price of the software going up as we are about the price of annual maintenance going up. I still like Alibre's software, and was very enthused when Alibre lowered their software and maintenance prices in February. However, they definitely lost a bit of their charm with these increases, at least for me and a few others.
    Incidentally, Alibre Standard is now Alibre Personal. I do not yet know if there is a 'maintenance' option for Alibre Personal, but in that message thread I referred to, Max from Alibre did say that some of the 2D drafting capabilities of Alibre (BOM, Section View, Detail View, Broken View, Partial View, Part Call Outs) will not be included in the Personal edition.