IronCAD has announced a new 2D product called IRONCAD DRAFT which is due to be released soon. The product is being targeted at people who need a low cost 2D CAD system that is highly compatible with the AutoCAD interface and the DWG file format. According to the IronCAD quarterly newsletter:

“Unlike other 2D applications, IRONCAD DRAFT is built on the IRONCAD foundation allowing users to import/export industry standard 3D formats to assemble, interrogate, analyze, communicate realistic renderings/animations, and leverage the 3D in the detailing process. In the detailing process, a “3D Interface” ribbon tab is available that allows the ability to detail 3D designs using standard views, section views, detail views, and many others useful to layout the design data while having full association to the 3D data. In addition, users can easily share native IRONCAD data between the applications and have similar environment to expand into IRONCAD when their needs for 3D Design arise.”

IRONCAD DRAFT is built on the combination of IRONCAD 3D and CAXA 2D technologies.

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Check out this YouTube video of IronCAD’s current 2D CAD offering.