SolidWorks Gets A New CEO

In a press release issued today, Dassault Systemes announced that Bertrand Sicot, Executive Vice President of Sales, has replaced Jeff Ray as the CEO of SolidWorks. Bertrand began his career at IBM France, and was a branch sales manager for Computervision France before joining SolidWorks in 1997. Bertrand holds an engineering degree from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers.

Jeff joined SolidWorks as COO in 2003 and became CEO in 2007. He has now moved to parent Dassault Systemes as Executive Vice President in charge of Geographic Operations, a position that has been newly created for him.

  • Anonymous

    I expect that he will be well qualified to wine and dine executives. Does he have to courage to flush the cloud?

  • I don’t see anyone getting as chummy with local user groups as Jeff did – and I believe that was one means Jeff kept SW on track with what users wanted in this tool.

    • I assure you Michael, Bertrand will relish the idea of attending user group meetings as much as Jeff (and all of his predecessors) did.

      Richard Doyle
      User Community Manager
      DS Solidworks

      • Neil

        Its rather early for damage control isnt it Richard? LOL
        We’ll give him a full week to prove himself….

  • Paul

    The French “takeover” of the US Solidworks is complete!

    • Bertrand has been with SolidWorks since 1997. He worked his way to where he is now over a period of thirteen years. The fact that his home country is France had nothing to do with the decision.

  • John

    Given my ancestors arrived in the US in 1620, am I american or european?

    Have you looked around, people in America are from everywhere.

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