History Based Direct Modeling White Paper

A couple of days ago I listed the top 10 posts of 2010 at Deelip.com according to Google Analytics. As it turns out one of my favorite posts wasn’t in that list. I am referring to my 5 part series titled “History Based Direct Modeling Using IRONCAD“. I have decided to turn the series into a white paper. I stripped out the parts comparing IRONCAD with Solid Edge ST3 since I wanted the white paper to be about IRONCAD only. Moreover, if I had not done so, someone reading the white paper would have had to read my 11 part series on Synchronous Technology in Solid Edge ST3 to make sense of the references to Solid Edge ST3.

Here is the introduction of the white paper:

“In recent times there has been a push to unite history based parametric modeling and direct modeling in the same MCAD product. Different CAD vendors are trying to solve this problem differently. Usually white papers are written to announce or explain a new technology or product. This white paper is different. It explains how a company called IronCAD solved this problem more than a decade ago with History Based Direct Modeling.”

Maybe this is something I will do more in 2011 – write white papers. Judging by the kind of white papers CAD vendors are getting written about their products and technologies these days, I guess mine will at least have some entertainment value, if not anything else. šŸ˜‰

The white paper can be downloaded here.