3D Graphics Performance Comparison – Part 10 (Pro/ENGINEER)

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Paul Sagar, Director of Product Management at PTC, tells me that the default graphics settings that come with Pro/ENGINEER yield the best graphics performance. However he also tells me that if I wanted to improve the graphics interaction I could try setting Lod_enabled to yes in config.pro. This turns on levels of display which reduces the number of triangles that get displayed during navigation. However, doing so gives a pretty horrible display quality. Take a look at this screen shot.

Click image for larger view

As you can see the circular edges become octagons. Note that this degradation occurs only while you are navigating. When you release the mouse the display quality returns back to normal which is pretty good. Here is a video with Lod_enabled set to yes.

As you can see its blazing fast. But this comparison is not only about speed. Its also about display quality. So I will put Pro/ENGINEER in the second category because its graphics performance is really awesome.

for the sake of comparison here is the original video with Lod_enabled set to no.

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