3D Graphics Performance Comparison – Part 2 (MoI)

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First up is Moment Of Inspiration by Michael Gibson of Triple Squid Software Design. Michael told me that MoI’s default graphics settings were probably the best. But if I really wanted to speed things up I could try by changing a couple of MoI’ meshing parameters. He asked me to increase mesh angle from 10 degrees to 25 degrees and clear the Add detail to inflections box.

I noticed that changing Add detail to inflections did not make much of a difference. But increasing the mesh angle speeded things up quite a bit. However, this deteriorated the display quality, but just a little. As you can see in screen shot below, a close up of the engine doesn’t look all that bad.

Click image for larger view

Here is a video showing the graphics performance with the new settings.

And here is the video from my first comparison using the default graphics settings.

As you can see, there is a marked improvement in graphics performance. Which makes me wonder, why doesn’t Michael increase the default mesh angle a little. Even at 25 degrees, the display quality is quite good, as can be seen from the screen shot above.

By the way, I forgot to mention a really nice feature about MoI’s graphics in my five part series on it. Take a look at this screen shot.

Click image for larger view

Notice anything different? The edges of the engine block and fan can be seen, whereas all other parts have their edges hidden. Most CAD systems either let you turn all edges on or all off. In MoI you can set different display styles to individual objects. You can even group edges of different objects and then turn them on or off. For example, suppose I have two boxes with 12 edges each. I could create a group containing 2 edges on one box and 4 edges on the other box and turn them on or off. I’m not sure where I would use such a feature, but just mentioning here that such a thing exists in MoI.

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