3D Graphics Performance Comparison – Part 8 (KOMPAS-3D)

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When I did my initial comparison using the default graphics settings of each CAD system, I could not find a way to turn on edges in KOMPAS-3D when orbiting around the model. Slava Kashirsky from ASCON pointed me to an option hidden deep inside KOMPAS-3D’s options dialog box that allows just that. System > Model Editor > Reduction > Other > Disable “Half-tone, wireframe” mode.

Slava tells me that KOMPAS-3D’s default graphics settings are just fine to get a good performance on large models. Here is a video.

Quite good. This goes into the second category as well because the motion is not ultra smooth. For reference, here is the original video without the edges turned on.

For default graphics settings this is what the display quality looks like. Pretty nice. Not too much jazz which just happens to be my personal preference.

Click image for larger view

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