$500 Discount on Inventor

Looks like someone is very pissed with Autodesk. While that is not a new thing, this particular someone (who calls himself JohnJohn191138), has started a blog called “Autodesk does NOT want you to know this…” and his first (and probably last) post has the same title. John claims to be working for a “prominent Autodesk reseller” and goes on to disclose the dirt about the ACE (Autodesk Customer Engagement) program instituted by Autodesk.

Bottom line, if you are interested in purchasing Inventor and want to save $500, a simple mouse click will do the trick. If you haven’t already, now would be a good time to read the post. In fact, it was written two weeks ago.

If any of you have recently bought Inventor from an Autodesk reseller I would be interested to know whether there is truth in any of this. If you do comment to this post to either confirm or deny John’s claims, I would appreciate it you did not do so anonymously. Otherwise, please feel free to comment anonymously if you want to shed more light on this issue.

If John’s claims are true, then personally, I do not believe that Autodesk is doing something extremely wrong here. There are far more greater things to talk about when it comes to ethics, morals and CAD software vendors.

I am more interested in knowing whether this John fellow really works for an Autodesk reseller or is the figment of the imagination of one of Autodesk’s many rivals who have somehow got wind of what really goes on in the ACE program. If someone has decided to buy Inventor instead of their product, then why not let the cat out of the bag and make Autodesk take a hit of $500 per license.

Or maybe John is a figment of the imagination of someone in Autodesk marketing who is high on pot, although that seems a bit far fetched. I am pretty sure that Autodesk has better ways of telling the world that they are giving a $500 discount on Inventor.

Or maybe John actually works for an Autodesk reseller, which may pretty well find itself in a lot of trouble if Autodesk manages to find out who is really behind this.

Note: I understand that John has not been able to get his message across as effectively as he probably would have wanted to. That’s probably why he is spamming CAD blogs with comments containing his post, mine including. So by blogging about John and his blog some may find me guilty of promoting this guy. So be it.