A Conversation With Jacques Leveillé-Nizerolle – Part 2

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Deelip: I noticed that Geensoft has the technology to validate embedded software systems in vehicles.

Jacques: Yes, we have been working with Geensoft for a long time now and decided that it was time to have that technology embedded into our V6 Platform. But the Geensoft acquisition was not the only one that we did in this field. If you remember we acquired a company called Dynasim and have since integrated their Dymola multi-engineering modeling and simulation solution within our product portfolio. The powerful Modelica object oriented modeling language is truly powerful and our customers are now able to define their products in 3D, as well as their associated behavior described in Modelica, and then use Dymola’s mathematical solver to simulate them. That was an important acquisition for us.

That was the first step. The second step was creation of the V6 platform itself to support not only the physical definition of a product, but also its requirements, functional and logical definitions to enable full traceability. The main problem here is the lack of standards which leads to severe problems of information loss when data is transferred from one embedded system to another. There are some attempts to create standards and Geensoft has been a pioneer in that field.

Deelip: So does this mean that you will be acquiring more companies that can fulfill the needs of your Systems Strategy?

Jacques: Well, we are not going to acquire companies for the sake of acquiring them. We will do it based on our need in the Systems Engineering field. We understand that we may have to do more acquisitions in the future.

Deelip: Was the recent Exalead acquisition linked to the Systems Strategy?

Jacques: No, not directly. Although as you mentioned on your blog, they have enterprise information search technology which will come in handy to federate the data searching for the right information and presenting it in the right synthetic form will be very important.

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