A Word From A Follower

Today I got the following email with the subject “A word from a follower”:

Hello Deelip,

I have been following your blog rigorously for quite a few months now, and I must say, I AM counting seriously on your blog entries now! For me it’s been working as a great single stop, most up to date source of information for the latest happenings in CAD industry. Not only that, but I find it way more interesting than just reading those dry hundreds of daily/weekly reports from [snip] or anything like those.

It’s great to see someone sharing so much of information! About the words you exchange with industry developers, the conferences and also a glimpse of your personal life!

I just stopped by to thank you for sharing all this information and your experiences with me, and tens of followers of your blogs here. Thank you very much indeed!

Anup Vader

I am glad some find this blog useful. I started it as a hobby and now it’s gone completely out of control. But I am not complaining. I enjoy writing this stuff. I am actually finding it hard to believe that I have written 542 posts and readers lave left 2,019 comments.