Travelog (Day 12) – Off To Hawaii

This afternoon I get on a plane to Maui in Hawaii. I was there last April and cannot wait to get back there again. The last time I was in Maui for just a couple of days and enjoyed every bit of it (see “Hawaii on a Harley“). This time I will be staying for a full week. I am actually going there for work to meet my business partner in Print3D Corporation Ron Barranco who lives there.

I absolutely love Hawaii, not only because the people there have booze for breakfast. But because the place is a lot like Goa, my home state in India and a world famous tourist destination. The climate and vegetation is almost the same. The only major differences I find are that the roads are much better, the cars are much faster and the people are a lot richer in Hawaii. I guess that’s why people call Goa the Hawaii of India. We even have a beach in Goa called Hawaii.

@CADJunky sent me a tweet saying “Pls don’t put picures of Hawaii on your blog it just isn’t fair 🙁“. The sadist in me absolutely wants to continue this travelog in Hawaii. But don’t count on it.