Adding Insult to Injury

A software crash is probably the worst thing that can ever happen to a user, and is sometimes a good reason for some to get pissed enough to let the world know. Today one such user posted a topic titled “SW CRASHED for no reason !!!!” on the SolidWorks Discussion Forums. He vented out his anger in the following manner:
“For no reason, SW just CRASHED ! This is totally ridiculous !!! In Inventor, I can guess when it crashed. Before I made any complicated change to a model, I thought IV might crash then I saved the model before making a change In SW, sometimes I made some simple change to a model and SW CRASHED. I just lost couple hrs of working this morning. This is rideculous and unacceptable”

To which a wise man replied, “I’m sure it had a reason…it just chose not to share it with you.”

Talk about adding insult to injury.