ASCON Releases $95 KOMPAS-3D For Home Use

Russian CAD software vendor ASCON has announced the release of a “home” version of their flagship MCAD system KOMPAS-3D attractively priced at $95. The trimmed down version is called KOMPAS-3D V15 Home is according to the company it is targeted towards “non-commercial and home use by amateur designers, hobby engineers and full-time students”.

Among other features, KOMPAS-3D V15 Home comes with complex surfacing features of the full blown MCAD product along with 2D drawing output.


The main difference between the Home and Professional version is the lack of assembly modeling.

KOMPAS-3D V15 Home can import STEP and KOMPAS-3D Pro files. It can save to KOMPAS-3D Pro, STEP, VRML, STL and even PDF.

Click here to download a demo version of KOMPAS-3D V15 Home. the problem with the demo is that it doesn’t save. At all. I find that a little weird because I’m not sure how one supposed to do a proper evaluation of a MCAD product without being able to save files.


A fully functional time limited would be been nice IMHO.

Here are a some screenshots of KOMPAS-3D V15 Home.

Untitled attachment 00011

Untitled attachment 00014

Untitled attachment 00023