AutoCAD on Mac

Someone on the Autodesk 2007 discussion group asked this innocent looking question: “When will Autodesk release a AutoCAD version that will run on Mac? Just asking. Thanks.”

The replies he got amused me. One person replied, “No, but a Mac will run Windows which will run AutoCAD on a Mac.”

Another replied, “They already did. In 1989”, and pointed to this web page by one Prof. Langdon. I have no idea whether the info on this page is true.

Yet another replied, “Should be available about the same time the patch to run R14 on Vista”.

But I liked this one the best. “Search the term Apple or MAC around here, topic comes up weekly and there is no need to start another dead-end thread about it this week”.

I doubt the poor guy is going to ask anything else anytime soon.